Sunday, March 4, 2007

This Industry is Cold | On Being Famous & Music Videos

This didn't start with me or you...

The birth of my pseudo-celebrity blog. Inspired by true events in being horrified by the paparazzi yet fascinated by their product.

Up close and personal, the paparazzi is horrifying to say the very least.

I saw Perez Hilton yesterday and I was covered head-to-toe - hair pulled up in a dark hat, huge sunglasses, jacket even though it was a million degrees, baggy designer sweats and we were laughing hysterically (even tho it hurts me) because i kept my back to him and he kept staring me down trying to figure out 'who' i was b/c it was the coffee bean where all the celebs go and that's how they dress.

so - YES, my first allowed foray into the outer world was for coffee bean. lol. he got up at 6.30 a.m. to drive me to coffee bean to indulge my huge desire for a Vanilla latte

and anyway, Perez is staring me down trying to figure out who i am and i'm saying that as soon as we leave he'll probably post that Brit Brit is on the loose again and he just saw her in Coffee Bean and how SHE'S SO FAT. lmao.

so we all go to grub. and i'm talking about how i'm going to start a new blog, but i'm also going to blog about the people who blog about celebrities, and take photos of Perez, b/c i see it up close, and about what assholes the paparazzi are, and i'm going to post pics of the paparazzi stalking these people and walking in their faces with the flashes going off a million times, talking shit and trying to get a reaction, while they are just taking their babies for a walk or on a date, and comment on how i'd have shanked someone by now.

because everyone talks about how 'they chose to be famous', but how like 7 years ago, being famous did not include that - it certainly didn't include some asshole standing at your car window with the camera pointed down while you have to spread your legs and sit down to get in. and it didn't include what i've seen the paparazzi do a million times to these people.

and where is the line between legal & not, and beyond that, acceptable and not? being famous didn't include being harassed while you ate breakfast or chased down in your car less than a decade ago but we let them dictate to us whether or not to see this as unacceptable. it's bad.

i have stood 1 foot away and watched 12 members of the paparazzi be all up in the ashley olsen's face, walking backward as she tries to get to her car, calling her names trying to get a reaction and doing the hundred shots a minute photo taking like RIGHT IN HER FACE, camera held into her face. other celebs too...and famous or not, that's fucked up.

and i'm talking about how i can be the next Perez, making money from it, and then right in my line of vision sits an actress. at Grub - lmao. she's in independent movies and i'm laughing and talking about how weird that is - and my friends are telling me that i'd be awesome at the blog b/c i recognize these people at all, and b/c i want to take photos of the paparazzi too..and then i'm hobbling away to leave, and the paparazzi are outside to harass her, and i'm standing there like SHIT, I WAS TOTALLY HERE FIRST, I COULD HAVE GOT HER AND THEN HIM PHOTOGRAPHING HER. dammit dammit. too bad i can barely move. but yeah. i'm totally going to do that shit.

ALSO - i'm watching JT's video with ScarJo, and so basically making a music video means you get to make soft core porn with the person that you're fucking set to your own music and then released as something else? that is so hot.

i wish i could get away with the innocent release of my soft core porn. lol.

This is post one in a series of my musings on Hollywood, The Stalkarazzi, and the dichotomy of my repulsion by and infatuaion with the elite and their hangers-on.